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Study Abroad - Finland


Finland is known for many things: its cold weather, its nickname “the land of a thousand lakes”, and Lapland, the home of Santa Claus. But Finland is also an innovative country where you can enjoy world-class higher education. Finland is known to have one of the best education systems in the world. Almost half of its population has a higher degree. And it’s no surprise as it offers a variety of study programs and the tuition fee for its residents and for students from the EU is free. Even for international students, the tuition fee is very affordable and third-country nationals can enjoy the same rights as any student due to Finland’s equal opportunities policy. However, as a third-country national you will most likely need a Finland student visa in order to study there.

Finland’s world-leading higher education system offers more than 500 English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences (UAS). The universities also offer English-taught doctoral degree options. Finnish higher education institutions have over 20 000 international students studying in several locations around Finland.

Finland has expanded work opportunities for international students and made it easier for graduates to stay in the country to pursue careers and immigrate. The government’s new reforms, which went into effect on 15 April 2022, represent a new competitive advantage for Finnish educators recruiting in non-EU markets.

Why Study in Finland?

Education in Finland revolves around a very basic ideology , “the nature of students is to know more about the world around them and experiment with what they learn.


Below are the major reasons for opting studies in Finland;


  • 1) The teachers are not just proficient in their subject area but experts in training and learning.
  • 2) Getting a Finnish degree means having a high level of dedication and competence in your field of study.
  • 3) The country has an incredible healthcare system with quality infrastructure and safety assured for international students
  • 4) All universities and universities of applied sciences have scholarship opportunities for international students
  • 5) Finland university has affordable tuition fees
  • 6) As per the new changes in the policy, international students will receive “continuous” residence permits for the duration of their studies that will make it easier for them to remain in the country after graduating
  • 7) Students’ families will also receive continuous permits
  • 8) The number of hours students can work while studying moves from 25 to 30 hours per week
  • 9) International students can now look for jobs in Finland for two years after graduation (up from one)
  • 10) Finland is attracting a diverse mix of nationalities to its universities
  • 11) Universities offer a blend of formal and extracurricular learning aiming to unlock the maximum potential of its students.

Not to forget, Finland has a booming gaming sector and strong ICT module. So, experience the cutting-edge digital technology that makes learning fun!

Eligibility Criteria for study in Finland

  • 1) You must be enrolled at a university in Finland, which means you must apply for your study program before you apply for your visa.
  • 2) You must have no travel bans for the Schengen Area.
  • 3) You must have no criminal charges.

4) You must not be a danger to Finland and its interests.

What after Study?

There are several options available for international students who want to stay in Finland after their study program is finished.


  • 1) Work Visa: If you find a job after you graduate then you can apply for a work visa and continue living in Finland with a permit on the basis of employment.
  • 2) Job-seekers Visa:  If you don’t have a job but you wish to stay and work in Finland, then you can apply for a visa that lets you stay for one year in Finland as you look for a job. Once you have a job you must apply for a regular work permit.
  • 3) Researcher Visa: If you wish to work within a research project or at a research center you can apply for a researcher visa. This visa allows you to work only in this field.


Once your studies are finished the student visa is no longer valid. In order to get permanent residency, you must be a regular resident of Finland for about 5 years. A student visa is valid only for two.

If you want to apply for a permanent residency then you must have a job, internship, research project, etc., ready for you after you graduate so that you can switch from a student visa to a work visa. With a work visa, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after you spend 5 years in Finland.


1) Apply for university :

As a potential future student in Finland, the first thing you need to do is find a university there that suits your study program. As soon as you have a school in mind then you should apply at the university. If you are not accepted, you won’t receive a student visa. Proof of enrollment is obligatory.


2) Apply for a student visa

Once you receive your acceptance letter then you can apply for a student visa. In this case, you actually need a residence permit on the basis of studying. The application process for the permit starts by creating a user account . Once you create an account select the application form for a ‘residence permit on the grounds of a study program’ in the e-service


3) Go to a local Finnish mission

Once you submit your application through the e-service then you have to go to the embassy to prove your identity and submit your fingerprints. Bring all the documents you submitted in the online service with you. Additionally, you must pay the application fee at the embassy/consulate.


4) Wait for an answer

Once you submit your application you must patiently wait for an answer. The Finnish Immigration Office evaluates students’ applications as a top priority so the processing time will be done as soon as possible.


5) Fly to Finland

Once your application has been processed you will receive an answer regarding your visa.

Once your student visa application is ready you can depart to Finland.

Facts about Finland

Finnish universities allow students to work part-time while studying to earn extra money and the study visa also lets you work 25 hours per week.

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