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GRE Coaching


GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test that provides schools with a standard measure for comparing candidates’ qualifications. GRE is one of the entrance exams that you take to get into a business school.

The GRE Syllabus is broadly divided into three sections – Analytical Writing, Quantitative reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. You can take a computer-based or paper-based GRE testing, and the Test pattern for each is different. Generally, the computer-based exam is taken by students who want to pursue their graduate degrees abroad.

The test pattern for the computer-delivered GRE exam has two sections of Verbal and Quant Reasoning with 20 questions per section and one section with two separately timed tasks in Analytical writing. The total time you will spend on the GRE Computer-delivered test is 3 hours 45 mins.

Topics in GRE Quantitative reasoning

  • 1) Arithmetic
  • 2) Geometry
  • 3) Data Analysis
  • 4) Algebra

GRE Syllabus for Analytical Writing

The GRE Analytical Writing section tests how well you can articulate complex ideas effectively and clearly. Are you able to support them with relevant examples and reasons? It requires you to provide focused responses based on the tasks presented.

The GRE syllabus for analytical writing is divided into two tasks:

  • > Analyze and Argument: This requires you to evaluate a given argument according to specific instructions
  • > Analyze and Issue: This requires you to present an option on the issue of general interest with specific instructions on how to respond to that issue.

The tasks in the GRE Analytical Writing section is related to a broad range of topics such as fine arts, physical science, humanities, and more. You do not require knowledge on a specific topic. Regardless of your field of study or interests, you will be able to understand the task.





GRE results validity period

Scores are reportable for five years following your test date. For example, scores for a test taken on September 17, 2022, are reportable through September 16, 2027. Note: It takes approximately five business days to process requests to send GRE scores.

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