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German Language Training

German Language

With over 230 million speakers, learning how to speak German is only on the rise. Germany’s economic growth, innovation, and career opportunities are just some of the endless reasons to learn German.

Getting a decent education in the US costs upwards of $20,000 a year, but it’s nearly free in Germany. Some institutions charge a few hundred dollars per semester, but that’s a fraction of what most are used to paying. Best of all, German institutions are ranked as one of the top schools around the world.

How has Germany got rid of fees? Two ways. First, a smaller percentage of students go to college – 27% percent, compared to the UK’s 48%. On top of that, universities are paid for by German taxpayers.

What about international students? In countries such as the UK, USA and Australia, degrees often cost twice as much for foreign students as they do for nationals. Astonishingly, this is not the case in Germany. Both domestic and international students benefit from a free education on undergraduate courses. Switzerland and Austria also offer education for much lower fees than elsewhere in the world.

As a result, 14.33% of Indian students prefer Germany for higher education. Learning German before going there for higher education can make your stay smooth in Germany. Post studies, you may want to start your career in Germany, and Germany has plenty of opportunities for enthusiastic people.

German powerhouses like BMW, Volkswagen, Adidas, and Lufthansa are all established around the world. Stand out amongst the tens of thousands of applicants you will be competing with by learning even the basics of German.

With an estimated 175-200 million speakers worldwide, German is the eleventh most widely spoken language in the world. Considering that Germany is a country with a population of about 80 million people (compared to the US population of over 300 million), that’s nothing to scoff at.

Approximately 95 million people speak German as a first language, meaning there are around as many speakers of German as a second language as there are native speakers. Talking of native speakers, German is the native language of Germany, Austria and a decent chunk of Switzerland.

With all these advantages, why not learn German? If you are planning to learn German, learn it from the Best German language coaches in Bangalore. We at Novaturient always give more importance to quality of training, quality of service and quality output.

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Exam Passing Marks

The exam is deemed to have been passed if at least 60 points (60 % of the maximum point score) have been earned and if all sections of the exam have been completed.

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